RMS Titanic Blend Tea

Harney & Sons created RMS Titanic Blend as a tribute to the tragedy and heroism of A Night to Remember." P. H. Nargeolet, one of the divers with the French exploratory group at Woods Hole in Massachusetts when the Titanic was found, encouraged John Harney to create a commemorative tea to honor the 100th Anniversary of those who perished when the Titanic sank. John created this special blend to reflect the quality of tea that was served on that voyage. It features Chinese Keemun, one of the last teas from China that the British still consumed in 1912. By then, they had mostly shifted to black teas from Assam, India and Ceylon. The blend also includes Formosa Oolong, which was popularized in both the UK and the US by an enterprising Brit. This blend would have been recognizable to tea lovers of that era. A portion of the sales of our RMS Titanic Blend tea will go to The Ocean Conservancy, the dedicated organization committed to preserving our Earth's oceans. We hope you will enjoy this tea and Remember."