Honey Sampler Pack


You need honey with that tea

This product contains three 2oz samplers of our best selling local raw honey, Wildflower, Blueberry and Cranberry.

   This honey is to die for!

Jason Shoff is a beekeeper in Medford NJ, a suburb of Philadelphia. Jason has been keeping bees for 12 years. His love for bees began as a desire to improve yields in his organic garden, then after that first season of huge veggie and berry hauls, and fascinating beekeeping trials and tribulations, Jason was hooked. Ten years later, he purchased the business from his beekeeping mentor, decided it was time to shift more focus toward family, and walked away from his (secure) corporate job (all thanks to his wife's continued employment.) Since then he has pushed to establish local brand recognition, and he is continually evolving to meet customer needs by improving product quality and offerings. Jason strives to promote honeybee health with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies, minimal manipulation, no synthetic chemicals, and with a general "Darwinian" approach to giving bees a similar environment to what they would seek in the wild. His most recent favorite read was The Lives of Bees: The Untold Story of The Honey Bee in The Wild by Dr. Thomas Seeley. Jason personally processes and hand makes all of his products. Most products are sold locally direct to consumer at farmers markets and events, and well as through local retailers such as coffee shops, restaurants, and produce markets. Jason's message always is that honeybee products- honey, beeswax, propolis, and pollen- heal our body inside and out, and should be in everyone's medicine cabinet. Enjoy!

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