Hollywood Film Keepsake Votive

An actual piece of a Hollywood film

The image you see on this votive is a real 35mm film cell
from an old Hollywood movie.
It ran through a projector and showed on the silver screen.

Each film cell is unique because it only appears

1/24th of a second when projected.

The film is affixed it to the side of a frosted candle votive to illuminate the image.
Actual Film Votives are created by three New York City projectionists who discovered that 35mm film was slowly disappearing in this digital age.
They rescued reels of film from being thrown away and re-purposed these images into nostalgic votives.
The Frosted Square Votive Candle Holder is made of high quality,
heavy-duty 3/16" glass.
Each Votive comes with a Tea Light size candle
with an illumination duration of approximately 4 hours.
There are slight variances from image to image
as film travels 24 frames per second.
The votive you receive will be slightly different
from the image pictured above.
Same image, only slightly different.
Do not leave in direct sunlight.
Sunlight will fade image.