10mg CBD Muscle & Joint Essential Oil Patch

A Gift To Your Muscles

You know better than to let sore muscles keep you on the sidelines. Upstate Elevator CBD Muscle & Joint Essential Oil Patches contain a powerful union of CBD, essential oils and aromatherapy all in an easy to apply format that offers soothing support from post-exertion inflammation. Our patches are enriched with healing arnica plus a warming and invigorating botanical blend of cayenne, ginger, lemongrass and rosemary to encourage a sense of comfort and relaxation to sore muscles and joints.


Delivers a highly concentrated blend of CBD and soothing botanicals in an easy-to-apply patch for localized support.


Vermont-grown, 99% pure THC-free CBD isolate. Ancient healing superstar arnica. Warming cayenne. Soothing lemongrass and rosemary. Extra virgin olive oil.


The adventure-seekers, thrill enthusiasts, those who’ve been convinced they just can’t hang like they used to anymore… No way. Upstate, you know you can.


Suggested Use:

Wash and dry the area where the patch will be applied. Remove and discard the protective layer from adhesive side of patch. Apply the adhesive side to skin at site of concern.


Extra virgin olive oil, CBD isolate, arnica, cayenne, rosemary, lemongrass, and ginger essential oils